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Piano Tune Canada announces a new On-Line Piano Accessories Boutique
“Order today and start to play”

Canada’s new source for great buys on piano accessories and professional tuning services. Piano Tune Canada's on line piano accessories store offers bargain prices and best buys on the most popular items as well as those hard to find musical treats for you and your family.

Our piano accessories include great products from companies such as Roland, , House Of Troy, Dampp-Chaser, P. L. Jansen, Wittner, Benchworld, Pianophile,  Jendan, J. D. Grandt, Campbell & Young and more.

Examples of Piano Accessories available from Piano Tune Canada include elegant brass piano and desk lamps from House Of Troy; an incredible selection of piano benches from a wide variety of suppliers such as Benchworld, P. L. Jansen, Jendan, Hydrau and more. 

Other piano accessories include Metronomes from Wittner, Roland and more. Piano Tune Canada offers low prices on Humidity Control Systems for your Grand or Upright piano from Dampp-Chaser. The Dampp-Chaser System is the benchmark in humidity control for all pianos. Most piano manufacturers including Baldwin, Bosendorfer, Kawai, Schimmel, Steinway & Sons and Yamaha endorse the use of the Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control System. The Damp-Chaser company uses the phrase “Doubles your piano’s life”.  Piano Tune Canada can also arrange for installation of your new Dampp-Chaser system in selected areas by qualified technicians.

Visit our on-line store for more piano accessories such as hardwood, felted coasters for your grand or upright piano. We even have heavy duty hardwood coasters for the extra large Concert Grand Wheels (casters).

Piano Tune Canada’s on line store has custom-made piano covers to protect your musical investment. A variety of fabrics and styles is available.

More piano accessories include Pedal Extenders for the smaller person unable to comfortably reach the piano’s pedals; Piano Dollies, sometimes referred to as “Spider Dollies” or “Grand Piano Truck”s are available at low, low prices. Fallboard locks, Bench Covers, Piano Polish, are just a few more Piano Accessory offerings from our web store

Please make sure to contact our friendly staff at Piano Tune Canada either by email, patsy@pianotune.ca , call (416)301-2484 or toll-free phone 1-866-886-4648 for further information on products.

Do you need Piano Accessories for your home, a musical gift for a loved one or a musical treat for the whole family? Whatever your wish, Piano Tune Canada’s On Line Store offers the best in high quality piano accessories at great prices.

Please take your time as you peruse our broad range of piano accessories in the on line store. Ordering is easy and delivery to your door is prompt. Please contact us any time for further information and details.

Order today and start to play!